[ad_1] Researchers have unveiled a new two-legged robot that utilizes both walking and flying to move through its environment. LEONARDO, short for “LEgs ONboARD drOne, is the first robot equipped with multi-joint legs and propeller-based thrusters that allow it to “achieve a fine degree of control over its balance,” according to developers from Caltech.  LEO
[ad_1] Researchers from the Japanese Yamagata University have developed a fully-3D printed actuator that could form the basis of a jellyfish-like soft robot.  Using a UV-based 3D printer, the team were able to cure a newly-synthesized Particle Double Network (P-DN) hydrogel, into a mechanism that contracts in a similar way to the muscles of a
[ad_1] The droids will use a learning model adapted by Jekan Thanga, University of Arizona (UA) associate professor of aerospace and mechanical engineering, called the Human and Explainable Autonomous Robotic System (HEART).   HEART will not only train the robots to perform mechanical tasks, but will also gradually teach them to collaborate.  “In a sense, we’re like
[ad_1] In June of this year, Mr. Zhang, a strawberry grower in Gulian Village, Kunming, planned to use the summer break to install an automated fertilization and planting decision-making system for his strawberry greenhouse. He inquired for a long time, compared many suppliers, and finally chose the local “small and well-known” Zhi Duo Mei company
[ad_1] Elephants are the largest terrestrial mammals on the planet, and a better understanding of elephants can bring incredible advances in science. Backed by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Innovation Program, researchers are conducting a detailed study of elephant trunks with the goal of improving them. The future of robotics, materials science and biology. The
[ad_1] Elephants are the largest land mammals on Earth, and understanding them better could lead to some incredibly large breakthroughs in science.Researchers backed by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 innovation program are doing a deep-dive study on elephant trunks, with the aim of improving the future of robotics, materials science and biology.Elephants’ trunks are both