[ad_1] 10 September 2021 ABB is responding to the growing consumer demand for choice and fast delivery with the launch of its FlexBuffer application cell. FlexBuffer brings new levels of flexibility for logistics, food and beverage, healthcare, consumer packaged goods, restaurants and retailers, offering a highly adaptable multi-functional solution for handling a variety of tasks
[ad_1] Shown with their experiment packed for launch, READI FP team members from left to right, Michele Cioffi, program manager; Fabio Peluso, honorary member of MARSCenter scientific committee; Marco Fabio Miceli, system and test engineer; and Pasquale Pellegrino, test engineer from Aerospace Laboratory for Innovative components (ALI) S.C. a r.l. in Italy. Credit: ALI scarl/Marcenter
[ad_1] AZoRobotics speaks to Prof Matt Reed, Strategy Director for the Materials Innovation Factory (MIF) at the University of Liverpool, about how the application of industry 4.0 technologies such as robotics and automation can unlock chemistry and advanced materials research and innovation. Can you explain what the Materials Innovation Factory is and how it works?