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STXI Motion Brings Robust Drive Systems to Autonomous Mobile Robots & Logistics


STXI Motion, a global motion control and servo solution company, presents a range of solutions designed for autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) at A3’s Autonomous Mobile Robots & Logistics Conference, held October 12–14 in Memphis, Tennessee.

STXI Motion presents its mobiMS wheel drive system, servSD servo drives, stepIM integrated closed loop steppers, Rayon harsh environment drives, and Rayon embedded servo drives, all of which specifically target AMR and automated guided vehicle (AGV) deployment.

“Drive systems not specifically designed for AMRs or AGVs offer limited temperature and voltage ranges and designs that can’t handle the high vibration and shock present in many logistics and warehouse environments,” said Dr. Markus Erlich, VP Marketing and Product Portfolio at STXI Motion. “Additionally, these drives can be difficult to assemble and in general offer a low radial load capacity.”

Robust, Reliable AMR and AGV Drive Systems
STXI Motion’s mobiMS mobile motion system is a complete wheel drive system for AMRs and AGVs in intralogistics and warehousing applications. It features a mobiGM high-torque density brushless servo motor, planetary gearbox, brake, encoder, and servSD servo drive. The mobiMS integrated system saves space for other components and simplifies the cabling and mechanical design of the AMR or AGV.

Designed for AMRs and AGVs, the servSD ready-to-connect, low-voltage servo drive offers high power density in a small footprint (106 mm wide, 73.6 mm deep, 40 mm high), with near-motor mounting for applications with tight space constraints. The servSD also offers safe torque off (STO) functional safety. STXI Motion also showcases the stepIM closed loop servo drive, which enhances motor performance with no step loss.

Also on display are the Rayon 70 and Rayon 300 servo drives — which power low-voltage motors up to 12 kW — and the Rayon Micro, Rayon Tiny, and Rayon single-board embedded servo drives, which can power motors up to 1000 W and can easily integrate into any robotic or industrial application with peripheral components and proprietary hardware.

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