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Meet the Keralite behind India’s first Robotics gallery


Ernakulam: Bob Paulose Aappakkan, a native of Tripunithura has played a major role to set up India’s first Educational Robotics gallery. Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated Science City in Gujarat’s Ahmadabad two weeks back. 

The science city including a 15,00 square metre aquatic gallery, 3 storeyed robotics gallery and national park has gained global attention.

Bob Paulose is the director and technical lead of Engineering Service International headquartered in Ernakulam.

More than 120 robots in 80 categories are showcased in the gallery. Most of the robots were brought from the US, Japan and Europe. After taking the robots to the country, system integration was done by technicians as per the educational and entertainment requirements of the gallery.

Interestingly, some robots that were difficult to buy from other countries were locally made in India under the guidance of Bob. 

Bob P Appackan 

Among the robots made in India under Bob’s guidance, the highly sophisticated robot that can be used for spotting bombs in complex regions while carrying out the military operation is the major attraction in the gallery. The wall-climbing robot, the 3D printing robot, the cooking robot and the air-hockey playing robot showcased in the gallery are also Indian made.

The construction of the gallery was started in 2016. Rs 126 cr was spent on the project.

Bob was interested in robotics, since his engineering studies and used to participate in competitions. After getting an engineering degree from Coimbatore Karunya Institute of Technology and Sciences he took a master’s degree from Melbourne in Australia. Bob joined Engineering Services International in 2011.

He is married to Glini. The couple has two sons named Paulo and Adhav. Bob is also the brother-in-law of film actress Gopika. 


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