Engineer builds an Apex Legends loot robot that actually walks


In a world where most games deliver loot in a six-sided box of some sort, Apex Legends sticks out with its quirky “loot tick” robots. The little spider-legged pyramids are jittery dudes that squirm around on the screen before exploding into loot, and for good reason. Who likes having their faces caved in so some jerk can get a new stat tracker or pistol skin? YouTuber Graham Watson (AKA The3DPrintSpace) built a real-life loot tick and captured its creepy-crawly movements in his latest build video, which you can watch above.

The video above is mostly a timelapse of Watson’s eight months of designing, building, and programming the loot tick, which stands a whopping 2.5 feet tall or so, judging from its position on his kitchen counter. Watson works as a software engineer and has a mechanical engineering degree, but says this was his first proper robotics project.

(Image credit: The3DPrintSpace)

The robot itself has everything you’d hope for. There are independently movable spider legs that let it slowly walk, kick, or crouch. Then of course there’s the pyramid-shaped head, which has three LED lights on each side to mimic the loot box opening animation. The loot tick even has the ability to shake in “fear” just like the in-game version will before you open it.


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