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[ad_1] Get ready for the store of the future. From Walmart’s order-picking Alphabot to Kroger’s automated fulfillment center, technology is already changing how we shop. We’re ordering online for at-home delivery or we use click-and-collect to pick up already-packaged items at the store. We even have others shopping for us: Witness Instacart and its competitors. But
[ad_1] DENVER–(BUSINESS WIRE)–AMP Robotics Corp. (“AMP”), a pioneer in AI, robotics, and infrastructure for the waste and recycling industry, is expanding its footprint in Europe with the commissioning of a demonstration site at SIGMA SA facilities in Lublin, Poland. The site is open to recycling and waste management businesses throughout Europe to process their materials
[ad_1] by Analytics Insight October 13, 2021 Average salary (per annum): US$84,370 Roles and responsibilities: A robotics engineer is a behind-the-scenes designer responsible for creating robots and robotic systems that can perform duties that humans are either unable or prefer not to complete. Robotics engineers spend the majority of their time designing the plans and
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[ad_1] Robotics Checkup technology generally used in medical industry for automation in surgical process with new technique. They include surgical robots. These are in most tele manipulators, which use the surgeon’s actions on one side to control the “effector” on the other side. The traditional health care industry is overrun with increasing demand of health
[ad_1] Space dust or also known as regolith could harm robots, which is a critical issue for future space missions. But Masten Space Systems, a California-based aerospace manufacturer startup company, has developed a technology that will reduce the problem of regolith while lunar landers land on the Moon’s surface. (Photo : Wikimedia Commons)Artist’s conception of
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[ad_1] Title Human-Robot Interaction and Collaboration Mentor Monica Nicolescu, Ph.D. Department Computer Science and Engineering Bio sketch Monica Nicolescu is a professor with the Computer Science and Engineering Department at the University of Nevada, Reno and is the Director of the University’s Robotics Research Lab. Nicolescu earned her Ph.D. degree in Computer Science from the